10 words to avoid in your resume

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We know how to recognize a cliché and we react to them immediatly but now LinkedIn has helped us to sumarize the 10 most overused buzzwords of 2013.

If you have the words: Responsible, Strategic and Creative in your resume, run as fast as you can and change your resume’s words because, guess what? It won’t have any impact, it won’t set you apart from anyone out there looking for a job! Are you a responsible person? Great, so there are more than 250 million people!

How many times these 10 words show up in your profile/resume?

1. Responsible
2. Strategic
3. Creative
4. Effective
5. Patient
6. Expert
7. Organizational
8. Driven
9. Innovative
10. Analytical

What we do in our Impressive Resumes writing services is that we highlight the concrete achievement instead of generic categorizations of someones skills. Don’t write you’re a creative person, tell them what did you create in a specific job. Don’t say you are a responsible employee, in a interview tell them how great feedback you received from your previous boss. Don’t write you are a very effective and strategic person if you don’t show with number what you achieved in the past.

Here are some words you can choose to escape the 10 words on the black list:

  • Team player: How do you partner with colleagues to meet an objective?
  • Problem solver: Be specific and give examples.
  • Flexible: Quickly adaptation to new situations.
  • Self-starter: Initiative who can contribute immediately.

Be creative (specially if you were one of those who used to have it written in your resume) and sell yourself providing an impressive resume to stand out from others! This applies not only to resumes but to cover letters, selection criteria and interviews.

For more information: www.impressiveresumes.net


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