Does your resume reflect your personality?

Impressive Resumes with your Personality Stamp

Impressive resumes peronality type

According to BusinessNewsDaily, there are 10 personality types most likely to get hired. As we established before, recruiters are looking for attitude over skills, and attitude is a reflection of your personality. So how can you impress with your resume according to those 10 types of personalities?

10. The opposite of you

As small business owners have the tendency to recruit people with the same profile as theirs, most companies are looking for diversity. In your resume or cover letter, meet the company main values and goals, but state what you can bring something different from what they already have. Don’t try to predict what the company wants from you, bring the best you have and let them decide. After all we are looking for a win-win situation.

9. The promoter

If you relate to this profile, then you have an easy task in terms of how to work on the resume. Usually the promoter type is very communicative, assertive, with a sense of urgency and willingness to take risks. You have the perfect combination to make an impressive cover letter and an impressive resume. Highlight those communication skills with a storytelling type of cover letter, be as enthusiastic as you are in real life, while writing your resume and your cover letter. Don’t be afraid to write some of your ideas to improve the company’s business. If you do it the right way, recruiters are going to love you.

8. The Multitasker

This is one of the main characteristics almost every employer is looking for, especially if we’re talking about small business. If you had previous experience in this kind of environment, don’t be afraid to state the variety of responsibilities you held in that company. If you don’t have that experience yet, I’m certain that as a multitasker you are able to manage things in your life, such as volunteering experiences, associations’ participation, hobbies, etc.

7. The decider

Someone able to work and take decisions without depending on others is always a great value to any company. So if you are a decider, make that clear on your marketing tools. Especially in the cover letter, you have an opportunity to state how convinced you are about being the best candidate for that position. State your future goals with that certainty and you will win recruiters over.

6. Strategist

It’s easy to write on your resume that you have a strategy thinking, but how can you really show that? If you have had experiences before where you delivered high results in long-term position, highlight them the best you can. You can also show how strategic you are by talking about how that position you’re applying for is going to help you improve your skills to achieve your future goals. Writing that win the cover letter will tell recruiters you are thinking in the long-term of your career.

5. The organizer

This one is just as important as the strategist. Working in a team environment you are going to need as many different profiles as possible. Because if you’re having someone to bring the ideas, you’re going to have to have someone who is going to organize them. Your resume format and design can tell how organize you are. Regarding your cover letter, it should keep a certain flow and must be very clear with no grammar or spelling errors.

4. The cautious personality

You have the risk takers and the crazy brainstorming employees but someone’s got to play the devil’s advocate. That person is the caution one, always bringing the team to question about decision and business strategies. Usually this person has a more low-profile which can be a risk reflecting that on your resume. The cover letter is the best way for you to explain, based on past experiences, how you take the role of the person who bring the attention to details and bring future problems on the table causing the team to be solutions focused.

3. The service-oriented personality

Customer service and CRM are certainly crucial as part of every business. And let’s be honest only a few can deliver outstanding customer service. It’s all about the personality and how are you able to connect with the companies’ stakeholders. Highlight that from past experiences, talk about feedback you received from your former customers or awards you may have received as someone willing to help others at any time under any circumstance. A valuable social media network will also highlight your online reputation.

2. The analyzer

The analyzer can be compared to the cautious one. But the analyzer usually has a great focus on number and really evaluates risks of every action. Charts and numbers lovers can be helpful depending on the company and the sector. How to show you’re an analyzer in your resume? Sell yourself by analyzing yourself. Be creative and really evaluate your experience, use number and percentages to show your performance ability and hope for them to perceive the analyzer in you.

1.     The Accommodator

Someone able to deliver without constantly demanding from others. Proactive, self-motivated, organized and autonomous, the accommodator is a valued talent especially when talking about small business. It’s easy to put that in your resume if you already had some professional experience. By the variety of fields you have worked in and the high-standard delivering on results you will be showing you can manage to be successful when you have a specific task delegated.

So which types of personality do you have and how is your resume reflecting them?


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