Apply marketing tools to your resume (Chapter II – SWOT Analysis)

After introducing business tools to manage your career with Marketing Mix, on our last post, today we will be dealing with one of the most famous marketing tools: SWOT Analysis. This is a model based on four element to evaluate your business, your product, a specific department, basically everything. So why not use SWOT analysis for your resume?

The analysis will be based on 4 basics: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats and it’s actually one of the tools we use at Impressive Resumes to assess your resume in our free review.

impressive resumes swot analysis your resumes

STRENGHTS: What are the strengths in my resume?

These are the characteristics you have that take an advantage over others. Try to show your resume to your friends and family and ask them which are the 3 main things that they find are very unique in your resume. What is it that you know you are really good at and people usually recognize you for that? You should choose a maximum of 7 skills that set you apart, but ideally from 3 to 5 because you don’t want to confuse the recruiter.

Some examples:
–          A great design makes a good first impression which is a good start
–          Variety of relevant professional experiences highlighting your numeric achievements


WEAKNESSES: What are the things I should remove from my resume?

Here you have to look at the things there are damaging your resume and your brand more than helping you to sell it. You can also ask for external opinions but here you should look for specialized advices by a career advisor or professional resume writer. Look up online but choose your sources carefully because you will find a lot of inconsistent advices. During this process don’t be afraid to open a new document and start your resume from the beginning.

Some examples:
–          A long and generic summary with no value proposition added
–           A picture of you in a 3-pages long resume


Strengths and Weaknesses are applied to internal issues, usually things that are in the control of the company and the employees. The following ones Opportunities and Threats are usually external factors that can influence your brand’s impact.


OPPORTUNITIES: What’s out there that I’m missing?

We can address this issues from a variety of perspectives, we are going to focus on what are the new trend when it comes to resumes. The main one and more impactful paradigm is the social media and online presence. This is your biggest opportunity, if you are looking for a job you have to be registered and have an impact in the most famous social media: Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, You Tube, Blog, etc. Make sure you connect and have relevant content in your profiles so that can give the employers a sense of who you are and how others perceive you.

Some examples:
–           Use Linked In and Social Media to communicate directly with your employer
–          Hire a resume writing service or other resume advisor who can boost your impact


TREATS: Why am I not getting a call for an interview?

In this section you can basically sum up all of the things we looked at in the previous topics. Is my resume outdated? Am I not selling myself the right way? Am I loosing focus on my resume? Is my resume appealing? Do I have too much or few information in my resume? Do I have a picture on my resume? How long is my resume? More people are being aware of how important it is to have an impactful resume, so if you are not there yes, one of your biggest treats is competition.

Some examples:
–           Not providing detailed accomplishment driven professional background
–          Not being able to make a good impression with your design and layout
–           Not having a strong online reputation


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