Most common email subjects

INFOGRAPHY 01 Impressive Resumes Email subject tips

1. The email subject is the first thing we see and it creates the first impact;

2. If the employer requests a specific code or name to put in the subject, do it;

3. Never leave the subject field empty;

4. Writing “application” is very generic. Try to write something like “Application for HR manager” or “Application for Google”;

5. You should avoid to only write your name, because it can be misunderstood by the employer;

6. Be creative. That one we found was a good example and it stood out: “I want to be your next Professional Resume Writer”;

7. Avoid to write completely different roles. If you’re applying for a Writer don’t say you’re applying for a “Consultant” position;

8. We also found some grammar and spelling errors! Not in the resume, in the email subject! Avoid that!

9. Stating the name of the job search website is not a good strategy because the employer can have more than one offer running at the same time;

10. Keep it short, smart and simple!


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