How Long Should Your Resume Be?

INFOGRAPHY 03 impressive resumes number os pages

A lot has been said and written about the length of the resume. We look at it more on the quality side than the quantity. So a long resume doesn’t not necessarily means that is a bad one and a 1 page resume does not mean that is an impressive resume.

1. Some one page resumes were really good and some were really bad;

2. Some 2/3 pages resumes filled our requires for an impressive resumes;

3. 90% of those resumes up to 3 pages would fit in a 2 pages resumes if written by Impressive Resumes.

4. Using a too much spacing and listing everything from their background kept most resumes so long:

5. 1 page resume is perfect, 2 is great, 3 is good, 4 is okay, 5 is weird, 6 is funny, 7 is stupid, 8 is a mistake, 9 is crazy, 10 is a laugh and 13… 13 is a book.!

UP NEXT: Cover Letters (this one is a must-read)


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