How good is your cover letter?

INFOGRAPHY 04 impressive resumes cover letter writing service personalized

1. How is it possible that 4% of applicants bothered to send an e-mail to a future employer without any word?

2. But then again why bother to write that you’re sending your “resume attached for the position X”? Write something about you. You have to convince us that you are the best candidate right there!

3. What did we considered a “Generic” cover letter? Something that you can clearly see that is a copy paste! We received cover letter dated from December when the offer was made in January. We also considered the generic “I’m a perfect fit for the position” and those kind of clichés where we couldn’t find any personal voice behind the words.

4. We considered “Personalized” some cover letters who addressed specifically the role and how their profile matched the requirements.

5. It’s so easy to identify the “Creative” cover letters! You can tell it in the first words and it’s such a breath of fresh air. Try to join this 4% and improve your chances on getting a call.

6. Some people started writing: “I know my resume is not that impressive but…” Ok you killed it right there! If you think you don’t have an impressive resume you have 3 options. (1) You don’t say anything and let us decide that, (2) you don’t apply for a resume writing service when of course that is a specific requirement we will take in consideration and (3) you make sure your resume is impressive to you and you try to convince us that.

NEXT TOPIC: How many resumes still include pictures? And what kind of pictures? (you cannot miss this one. It’s going to be a funny one!)


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