What about pictures on your resume?

INFOGRAPHY 05 impressive resumes pictures selfies picture

The whole resume’s picture paradigm is very complex. In North America, most recruitment agencies advise their applicants not to include a picture on their resume. It is easy to understand why. You don’t want to feel discriminated by the way you look. And let me tell you that it is true that the first thing we look at in a resume with a picture, it is the picture itself. But in Europe is very common to find companies and HR consultants requesting pictures on the applicants’ resumes. It’s hard to understand why because the discrimination issue is very clear. However if we think closely the future of recruitment is the social media recruitment. It’s a trend and everyone is talking about it! Every article we read about Linked In says that you MUST HAVE a picture on your Linked In Profile. Than what is the big difference here?

Share your thoughts about it. Here are some statistics about out last recruitment process:

1. Most applications sent a resume with a picture on it

2. Most applicants don’t know what it is the meaning of a professional picture.

3. Please avoid the following: selfies, full of contrast, blurred, weird backgrounds, webcam, montages and no cleavage please. (All of these are real examples!)

4. If you do have an impressive resume who meets the criteria we are looking for and then you have a picture of yourself with a positive and professional look, then we are not going to exclude you because of that. Discrimination works on both sides!

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