How creative can you be when applying for a job?

INFOGRAPHY 06 mistakes on your resume creative application process recruitment

This is a list of some terrible and not so terrible things we, recruiters, have to deal with while receiving your job applications!


– We didn’t ask for your portfolio in the job ad, you shouldn’t send it but in this specific case it was related to the job role.
– Why send scanned certificates? If we need them we will request you. Why making us go through your 8 attached files to find the one we want?
– Same thing applies for the recommendation letters. Send us only upon our request.
– Be careful when sending heavy files. Some companies e-mail server does not support heavy files. We had people sending 10MB files attached to the e-mail.
– What about zip files? Really? And then we open it and there are random folders with no real resume?
– Sending your pictures is a big NO, but sending your selfie getting-ready-for-a-party attached to the application e-mail leave us with no choice but to come and write about it!


– There were some resumes that we had to immediately close after open the file. Why? Because all the neon highlights were blinding us! NEVER do that in your resume. Highlight something by using bold or underline but don’t try to blind your future employers;
– Why would someone attach their resume in French? Why?
– Only 4,8% meet our criteria for an impressive resumes!! Most of them were one page with creative layout and design, making a statement at a first sight with relevant content.


– The job offer was posted by Sebastian and the email address was Sebastian’s and still only 2,4% of applicants bothered to write: “Hey Sebatian” or “Dear Sebastian”. There was also a funny one who dared to write: “Hey Seb”?!

Be careful while applying directly to an e-mail address. Every mistake can be a lost opportunity.

UP NEXT: We’ll post the whole infography and then how we decided who we were going to call for the interview!


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