Top 10 Advices to Improve your LinkedIn Profile


1. Grow your network

LinkedIn was made for you to connect professionally. So there is no use on having a profile there if you don’t have more than 200 connections. Get connected with your coworkers, former employers, friends, relatives, classmates and people you meet briefly in a social event. Growing your connections will increase the possibility of getting in touch with more people hence increasing your chances on getting a new job.

2. Complete your profile

Having a complete profile will define if you get credibility or not when a possible recruiter view your profile. Therefore make an effort to complete your profile 100% and make it public.  This will also help people to find you in the search engines.

3. Get recommendations and recommend others

Getting recommendations on LinkedIn is one of the most important assets you can have. Future employers can immediately have a feedback on your professional skills and where they come from. Giving recommendations says a lot about you too. So chose the ones you want to make because they also work as an invitation for them to recommend you back.

4. Learn LinkedIn Etiquette

Read LinkedIn rules very carefully otherwise you can be blocked to invite people. Losing your capability of inviting people can harm your LinkedIn reputation. You should get connections but if you try to invite a lot of people, they can report you. When reported you can only invite people if you know their personal e-mail address.

5. Send personalized invitations

When you invite people you know or people you would like to know you should address a personalized invitation. Especially if you are inviting someone that can give you a job. Send a message stating why you are inviting them to be part of your network. If you don’t do that you increase your chances of getting reported.

6. Comment and post questions

Once you start posting and commenting on other’s posts your profile views will increase radically. They can harm you and much as they can do you good. Be wise while choosing your words and expressing your opinions but they will attract the companies aligned with your view.

7. Update your status regularly

Share ideas, thoughts, inspirational quotes, humorous pictures, etc. They will grow your network. Just like in Facebook, let people know what you’re thinking about and what you are up to.

8. Join LinkedIn Groups

Groups on LinkedIn are a great source of knowledge and connections, especially Job Groups. By requesting to join them you can then discuss issues and answer question that may help you to get some strategic connections.

9. Use the LinkedIn search wisely

You can use the search engine of LinkedIn to look up and connect with people or recruiters. Use Advanced Search and be specific about what kind of companies or roles you are looking for. Target them, look them up and send them a personalized invitation.

10. Upload a professional photo

Uploading a professional photo of yourself can improve your Profile views and credibility. It sounds odd to say that because you usually read about not include a photo in your resume. But on LinkedIn without a photo your profile looks robotic and because it is a social network you should have a face on it!


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