Personal Brand: What is it and what it’s not?


Your Personal Brand is not…

Your Personal Brand is/are…

…your degree…your work experience

…your former employers

…your master’s thesis

…your job titles

…your duties and tasks

…your years of experience

…your personal voice…your story

…your ups and downs

…your personality

…your relationships

…your dreams

…what you love to do

Have this is mind while applying for a job and when you write your resume and your cover letter. They should address your Personal Brand, besides the standard information required. You know what you are capable of doing and what you imagine yourself doing (if you don’t, take 1 hour to think and write about it). Imagine you have had only one experience as a Marketing Assistant. That cannot mean you’ll be a Marketing Assistant for the rest of your life. We are capable of doing so many things but sometime we hide our own talents.

We’re not saying all companies work like this (we wish they would) and this article goes to all people: job applicants, employees, employers… If one takes a step, other will follow.


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