What keeps you from having fun at work?

Impressive Resumes

– A terrible boss/manager

The example can come from everywhere but it has a major impact when the higher level promote any negative feeling among employees. The meaning of terrible is biased and it should be because what matter is your feeling as an employee to your superior.

– You don’t like the work you do

If you hate that moment when you wake up and you know you’re going to work then you’re certainly not in the right place. It can be a great multinational full of fun activities for their employees but if you hate you daily tasks you are not going to enjoy those 8 hours of your day.

– No work/life balance

We all know this is a new trend in the business world but most companies still fail to achieve this. This is not an utopia. It has been proved that employees’ happiness and flexibility at work reflect directly on their production levels.

Poor relationship with coworkers

If the relationship with the boss or any other superior is bad, but the relationship between the coworkers is great the chances on you being happy increase. After all you spend more time with your colleagues than with your boss. Conflicts between employees is enough to keep you from smiling during work time.

All these major 4 reasons are related to transversal issues most companies suffer from:

–          Lack of/wrong communication
–          Lack of trust
–          Role confusion
–          Unaddressed conflict
–          Fear of change
–          Too much bureaucracy

Hiring an outsourced team-building company will not bring fun or happiness to your work place. What defines your happiness or fun at work is culture. And culture is usually a reflection of people. Being those the higher manager to the trainees.

If you are an employee…make sure to choose the companies with the most suitable culture, ask about culture in a job interview and select from more than one opportunities the one with the best culture. Writing down your dream company’s culture can help you to select your future employers!

If you are an employer…make sure you don’t hire someone who is good or great but does not fit in your company’s culture. You can train their skills but you cannot change their attitude and personality. By doing this match you are helping the employee and the organization.



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