Top 10 worst body language mistakes to make in an interview

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Did you know the power of words are no more than 10% when compared to our body language? Make sure you work and train your body language to do well in an interview. For each mistake you will find the percentage of interviewers who noticed them during an interview.

1.       Avoiding Eye Contact (70%)

You should try to keep direct eye contact with the interviewer. It indicates that you are actively listening and interested. Looking down gives the impression of low self-esteem and uncertainty.

2.       No smiling (44%)

If you fail to smile because of you are nervous of because you think smiling is not formal or professional enough then you couldn’t be more wrong. Job seekers who fail to smile increase their chances on not getting the job. So remember to smile but you don’t want to be smiling all the time because that can be scary.

3.       Bad Posture (35%)

This is one of the first things the interviewer will notice. How are you standing? Where do you have your hands? And how are you sited? Make sure to be comfortable and relaxed but remain professional. The posture is the sum of all other body parts.

4.       Fidgeting too much (35%)

You will find different ways to distract your hands. They will start moving, which is ok if you keep them low. Moving your hands while speaking is a good thing but try not to over do it.

5.       Weak Handshake (27%)

Those 2 seconds when you shake the manager’s hand can be the moment of decision. Most hiring managers say they know within the first five minutes if a candidate is a good fit or not. Shake their hands firmly but not aggressively. Adapt to theirs.

 6.       Crossing your Arms (24%)

Folding arms across the chest is a sign of a defensive position. It shows that you are feeling threatened and it can shut the interviewer out. It can also be a sign of boredom. If sited keep your arms on the table and use your hands while talking.

7.       Touching your face/hair (24%)

This is a very common nervous twitch: to touch and rub your nose or your cheek. Avoid it because it gives the interviewer the impression of you not being honest. The same applies to touching/moving your hair.

8.       Too Much Nodding

The position of your head is also very important. Keep it straight because it shows you are self-assured and sends the message you should be taken seriously. Nodding too much is a sign of impatience and nervousness. Nod your head every now and then to show that you’re listening to them but be conscious about it.

9.       Shaking your legs

It is also very common to find people to shake their legs intensively. This is usually a sign that you are nervous, impatient or anxious. Keep your feet on the ground and breathe.

10.   Biting your lips

Try to be conscious about your lips movement. Avoid to purse or twist them sideways because it will show disapproval of what you are hearing. Biting your lips is a sign of nervousness. Try to relax your mouth and articulate while speaking.

Percentages based on a study by CareerBuilder with more than 2000 hiring managers.


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