The 5 Vs on Recruitment of the future

5 Vs

While we were reading a LinkedIn article today, about the secrets of data, we realized those 5 Vs can actually apply to the recruitment process. Recruitment is changing, especially with the growth in online reputation. This will certainly change how organizations hire their employees. So here are the 5 Vs companies will be looking for in your resume, interview and other hiring processes.


Volume refers to the achievements you brought to former employers. A measurable presentation of your achievement can improve your chances on getting called for an interview. Why? Because you are being precise about your contribution to a particular employer. We can also look at the volume as the skills you have developed. Especially in an IT/technical sector. How many tools are you able to manage?


There’s a paradigm about replacing humans by machines. What are the main benefits from that? Time and money. Time is crucial to every company and employer. We all want to short up the delivery time, and we are finding ways to manage time in a more effective way. How can you bring both quality and velocity? How fast can you grow your value within a company?


We used to have employees with a specific area of expertise. You would take a degree with a specialization and you would work on that area for all your life. This is changing. Now we see more often people with multi-knowledge in different fields. This interdisciplinarity will be seen as something valuable as most fields have significantly synergies. Variety is a plus, don’t be afraid to show it.


Veracity refers to the quality of your skills and profile. As we know our resumes and even our interviews reflect a fake side of our personality. We overwrite things on our resumes and we surely answer to question in an interview knowing what is it they want to hear from us. Getting to know the veracity of your personality and value within a company will become a primary concern. The challenge here is how to get that veracity? We believe the recruitment process has to become more humanized and less formal.


And then the value, which combines a little bit of all the above. It’s an abstract concept. It is something unique we all have. We all have value but we won’t be valuable in every context. Getting conscious of our value as job seekers will increase and organizations will have to find a way to measure that value besides the resume and interview.


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