5 things you should be doing if you don’t have a job

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1.       Improve your Skills

Since you have some free time try to invest it in workshops or other training courses that can improve your technical skills. You also have a lot of free resources that can help you to improve something you believe that can increase your chances on getting a job, like: e-books, tutorials and videos. Some examples of skills you can improve are: Excel, languages, communication skills, selling skills,  besides all the technical skillsrelated to what you want to do.

2.       Volunteer

Volunteering experiences always look good on a resume but don’t do it just for that. Look for a specific project you feel connected with. You can even volunteer to work in your area of expertise, making sure you keep your resume updated and fresh while looking for a job.

3.       Network

Grow your network by going to conferences and seminars related to something that interests you. You can attend them physically or virtually. Harvard has a lot of free online courses. If you attend a physical event, make sure to approach someone you feel that can be a good connection for the future. Add them on Linked In. There are also a lot of networking events promoted by companies, universities and other associations. Make sure you are aware of them. You can also try to reconnect with people you don’t talk or see for a long time, keep your network updated.

 4.       Improve your Online Presence

Get yourself noticed online. If you don’t have a LinkedIn Profile, start one right now! Create a professional profile and join groups you like and comment on relevant topics. They will bring people to see your Linked In resume and they may want to call you for an interview. You can also start a blog and share your thoughts to the world. Subscribe other blogs and comment. Update your online channels from Facebook, to Twitter and LinkedIn. Being online is being relevant and wise.

 5.       Freelance

Go for a freelance opportunity or part-time job as long as you don’t stop looking for what you really want. It will keep you occupied, developing your skills and contributing for your resume. You can look for freelancer jobs HERE.

And of course, keep looking for a job! Fight for it! Work on your personal brand and make sure your value is noticed and appreciated. Resilience is the key.



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