Top 5 things you need to have on your resume

impressive resumes success

1. People

Make sure your tasks, achievements, experiences and studies reflect how much you have interacted with other people. Working in a real team environment is crucial and you want to play that part. So don’t be afraid about showing and stating in your resume the relationship you had with your leaders and your team members (there’s no need to get personal here, just make sure that recruiters get the idea of you being in a team environment). At the interview you can focus on specific situations related with your supervisors and/or coworkers.

2. Hard-work

You have to show that you have struggled and trained yourself enough to be as good as you know you are. Or if you don’t have that much experience, you have to be able to show how much you are interested in knowing more. Try to focus on how hard-worker you were in other companies by stating your achievements and training opportunities. Think about your experience as a football player, you are not naturally born with that skill, you train yourself until you are that good!

3. Dreams

If you manage to make the recruiter feel your dreams by your resume then you’ll be half way to get to the interview. Don’t sell your dreams by corporative generic goals and words. Take some time so think about it. What do you imagine yourself being so motivated that you want to wake up every day full of energy? You cover letter is a great opportunity to also explore your dreams and passions. When you express your dreams you’ll be expressing how much of a believer you are. You have to believe in your skills and your work. Show them this confidence with a very special human touch and it will certainly catch the recruiter’s attention (at least the ones you are willing to work with).

4. Real Life

You are a person and you should have a life. You have a family, you have friends, you have relationships. Don’t try to hide it on the recruitment process. Of course your resume is not going to be Reality show. But you are a person and you should include things such as sports and other extra-activities than can show recruiters that you are a human being in a real life. Why do you think the biggest companies have all those integrated activities such as gym, free food, bycicles, etc? Because companies are made of people wanting to live their lives.

5. Value

You have to believe in yourself and be conscious about what you have to offer. Don’t be afraid to show it. No one knows better than you what you can bring to the table. Well you can always ask your friends and former coworkers. Feedback is a great way of measuring your skills and your impact on others. Even the things your friends will tell about you are the things you need to show in a job hunting process. If it’s not, then you know you are not in the right place. Use your resume as the product sheet of your value.


Maybe these 5 things sound crazy and a little bit utopic but…don’t wait for the market to change. Change it yourself! If companies start receiving more humanized resume, they will get attracted by them and in the long term they will become they key to a good recruitment process.


By the words of Richard Branson, these are the keys for success:

1. Seek a second opinion. Seek a third.
2. Explore uncharted territory.
3. Don’t Do it if you don’t enjoy it.
4. The first impression is everything. So is the second.
5. Be visible. Define Your Brand.


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