How to keep your motivation when looking for a job


1.       Love your goal

You have to believe in what you want to do next. Dream about it and really believe you can do it. Write it down to help you decide if you don’t have a clear idea by now. Don’t try to apply to anything. Choose wisely where you want to go.

2.       Day by Day

Don’t expect that job to fall from the sky right into your hands or e-mail inbox. It’s a hard road! You are going to build your castle little by little, step by step, day by day. You need to research, to have your personal marketing tools ready, receive feedback, write different cover letters, etc. Train to be the best and enjoy that process.

3.       Embrace small steps

We are so focus on getting a job that sometimes we forget to embrace the small successes on the way to get there. Getting called for an interview even if you don’t make it, it’s great! Why? Because you know your resume is working, you know you have a real value, you are practicing your interview skills, you are getting to know the market needs and you are valuing yourself.

4.       Enjoy the process

Negativity and frustration are usually part of job seeking. But you should definitely avoid that. Keep our positivity and you’ll notice how that will favor you. Get the best out of the process. It’s a very introspective process and we usually question ourselves. And that has a very positive impact on our lives not only professionally but also personally.


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