The perks of working in a start-up company

  • Learning Environment: Everybody is there to make mistakes and learn. Do it as much as you can.
  • Loyalty is the key: A closer leadership bring more loyalty within employees and employers.
  • Be prepared for change: Every day has a different flavor, take the best out of it.
  • Believe in the concept: Feel the company as your own and believe in its end goal.
  • More responsibility: You are not just another employee, you can make a difference.

Impressive Resumes

When you apply for start-ups you have to make sure your resume and cover letter reflects the spirit and the needs of a start-up company. Also in an interview for a start-up you have to show different skills and provide examples that can be linked with a start-up reality. Here are some of the main characteristics of a start-up company to take in consideration in the application process.

  • Choose wisely

    First of all you need to study the market and see which kind of start-up you want to be part of. There are thousands of start-ups starting every day. Most of them fail to succeed. Do your research and make sure you get involved in a successful project or one you can take the best out of the experience.

  • Long hours

    If you are expecting to have a great work-balance life, forget it. But it will not be imposed to you. You’ll choose to work long hours. This is the precious thing of working in a start-up: you get really involved and you feel you own the company. Your work becomes your life, in a good sense: you make friends there, you laugh all day, you go to bed with a mission-accomplished feeling. If this isn’t happening, then you are probably in the wrong company.

  • Get your hands dirty

    With the long hours comes the flexibility of your position in the company. The business is starting, everything involves a big risk. Get ready for change and to adapt yourself. You can have a job description but you’ll probably do a lot more than what you are “supposed” to do. And you’ll do it gladly!

  • Horizontal leadership

    Don’t expect to a have a boss in the formal sense of the word. You’ll find a much more horizontal leadership where you can take part on important decisions. Your voice will be heard. These can work for some people but not for always. Some people are leaders and some are followers and there are space for everybody. In fact, one wouldn’t exist without the other.


And at the end you will start to think about your own start-up! Are you an entrepreneur? Then start your business or join a start-up company.


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