How can you use colors on your resume

Color resumes

Using color in your resume can help you to stand out in a job application. But you can stand-out positively and negatively.


  • Bright text highlights
  • Yellow and Red should be used carefully
  • Using colors does not mean to use flowers or any kind of pictures/drawings


  • A resume should give a positive vibe to the recruiter and colors can help
  • It gives an impression of a self-confident person
  • Use them in borders, bullet points of in your resume’s design
  • Use colors to highlight specific elements or the structure
  • The colors should fit the industry/company and your personality


AS long as the use of color do not interfere with the readability of your resume, color can be a powerful tool in differentiate your resume from others. Don’t turn you resume into a rainbow, try to be consistent and use only one or 2 colors per document. You can also use these colors in your portfolio.

Here are some brief summary of colors and their attributes:

  • RED: express action, passion, power or courage
  • ORANGE: express determination, encouragement, strength or productivity
  • YELLOW: express optimism, positivity, energy or vision
  • GREEN: express the environment, calmness, growth or rebirth
  • BLUE: express trust, reliability, integrity or truth
  • PURPLE: Use purple to express luxury, spirituality, inspiration or dignity



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