How to write your first resume


Research Job Offers

First of all you should know what the market is looking for. Know what is out there and what companies are looking for, so you can adapt your resume to their needs. Look for keywords so you can also use some of them in your resume.


You should write a summary that is able to present you as a person. How was your academic experience as well as some professional experience? You can also write about which fields are you applying for and why.

 Resume Design

Your resume’s design can really make a difference while presenting your professional profile. Choose one that covers your lack of experience. You design should be modern and provide some dynamic reading through colors or boxes in order to make it look more appealing.

Brainstorm your Skills

Brainstorm with your family, friend and colleagues about which are the characteristics that portrait you as a person and a professional. Think about your academic experience and what kind of feedback you received there. Highlight those skills in your resume


– Technical and Computer Skills
– Coursework relevant to your aspiring profession
– Educational accomplishments
– Internships or summer jobs
– Volunteer or community activities
– Awards and recognitions
– Extracurricular activities


– If you have no work experience, don’t lie about it
– Have more than one page






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