Top 10 Most Creative and Impressive Resumes

Most of them are used for graphic design positions but you can also consider to use them for Marketing positions and more open-minded and start-up companies.


#10 Graphic Design: Using a lot of icons to illustrate the skills and technical knowledge.

09 Teaser

#09 Teaser: Use your resume as a teaser to make recruiters want to get to know you better.


#08 Boxes: Using creative boxes to organize your struture will give a dynamic dimension to your resume.


#07 Colorful: Use colors to give a special touch in your resume. Adapt them to the company/position.


#06 Infographic:  Using graphic elements to show your skills and experiences.

05 Advertisment2

#05 Advertisement: A advertisement shape can make your resume catchy and capture the recruiters attention. Make some headlines!


#04 Application Form: Very structured and providing a flow with graphic and text.


#03 Biography: Focus on yourself! You are the person they are looking for.

68-creative-cv-resumes#02 Timeline: A timeline with most important experiences and achievements is easy to read.

60-creative-cv-resumes#01 Hybrid: An hybrid document with graphic aspects and the text information can be the key to a successful resume.



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