Top 10 Worst Jobs For 2014

This is the ranking by CareerCast of the 10 worst jobs for 2014!


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1. Lumberjack
Midlevel income: $24,340
Key factors for ranking: work environment (ranked worst of all 200 jobs), income and outlook

Lumberjack comes close to the bottom for nearly every factor, from the job being dangerous to low income. But it’s also taken a hit on the outlook as the construction industry slumps and the newspaper industry shrinks. Plus, technological advancements are quickly replacing the need for humans in the wood-harvesting process.

2. Newspaper reporter
Midlevel income: $37,090
Key factors for ranking: hiring outlook, stress

Reporters have always had long hours and tight deadlines with low pay, but with the move to digital, the hiring outlook is brutal. In fact, between papers shutting down, consolidating or moving exclusively online, newspaper reporter is the only career on the list to have a negative outlook. From 2013 to 2022, the number of jobs are expected to decline 13 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

3. Enlisted military personnel
Midlevel income: $28,840
Key factors for ranking: work environment

Soldier surfaces on the worst jobs list every year because it’s such a dangerous job: Your life is always on the line, as is the life of everyone you work with. And now, with military cutbacks, the ability to re-enlist and make a career in the military is threatened, Lee said.

4. Taxi driver
Midlevel income: $22,820
Key factors for ranking: work environment

Taxi driver has always been a tough job, from dangerous work conditions to low pay. But the fact that it fell 51 notches to land in the bottom 10 was due to two factors, Lee said. With updated statistics from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), it has earned the distinction of being the most likely profession to be the victim of a crime. Plus, the trickle-down effect in the job market that resulted from the recession has increased competition for low-requirement jobs like taxi driver.

5. Broadcaster
Midlevel income: $55,380
Key factors for ranking: income, stress, outlook

Broadcasting has always been a high-stress, low-pay career. But now broadcasters are also expected to do more beyond their radio or TV show, such as posting material online to increase visibility, Lee said. Plus, consolidation in the industry has taken a toll on the hiring outlook.

6. Head cook
Midlevel income: $42,480
Key factors for ranking: stress, income

First, one thing to clarify for all you Food Network fans: We’re not talking about head chefs; we’re talking about head cooks. Chefs make the menu, but the head cook has the role of overseeing the execution of the restaurant orders. He or she is paid hourly, whereas chefs are typically on salary. And head cooks don’t always work at fine-dining establishments; they also work at fast-food chains, prisons and schools — all tough working environments.

While cook has always been featured, head cook is new to the Bureau of Labor Statistics list and therefore the CareerCast ranking. Lee said that although the pay for head cook is just a little higher, the amount of responsibility is much worse. “When the cooks don’t show up, you’re doing it all,” he explained.

7. Flight attendant
Midlevel income: $37,240
Key factors for ranking: income, outlook

The big factors here are consolidation and cutbacks in the airline industry. Not only are there fewer jobs to go around, but now a flight might have three attendants instead of four. It also ranks as having one of the lowest incomes. “It’s a hardworking, low-reward job,” Lee said.

8. Garbage collector

Midlevel income: $22,970

Key factors for ranking: income, stress

Garbage collector has always ranked low, given the tough conditions and low pay. However, with municipal cutbacks during the recession, more waste management has been pushed to the private sector, and that means lower wages. “Privatization has been going on for a while, but the recession accelerated that,” Lee said. “Municipalities just don’t want to spend the money on garbage collecting.”

9. Firefighter
Midlevel income: $45,250
Key factors for ranking: stress

These are people who help patients overcome illness or accidents so they can return to the workforce. “It’s very satisfying work,” Lee said, explaining that it’s one of those jobs that receives more thank-yous than others because its aim is to help patients overcome a major obstacle.

191. Corrections officer
Midlevel income: $38,970
Key factors for ranking: work environment and stress

Corrections officer is, without argument, one of the most stressful jobs. However, this is the first time it’s landed in the bottom 10 — for the same reasons other jobs have landed on the worst list — municipal budget cuts and privatization.


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