Top 10 New Jobs positions of the future

What are you going to be doing in the next years? The world is changing in a fast pace, technology is pushing the boundaries and we’re developing new job positions. We have been to space, we believe there is life in other planets and social networks came to change the way we interact between each other. How are those changes impacting on creating new job positions? And what can you study to invest in these areas?

jobs of the future impressive resumes

These are some of the positions of the future (in no particular order):

10. Agriculturist chef – In the future famous chefs will be the ones cultivating their own ingredients.

9. Online identity planner – Someone to create and manage our online identity who will also play as a privacy advisor in terms of protecting individuals from vulnerabilities while using the internet.

8. Digital Archeologist – Specialist to make sure individual and entity’s online profile is completely eliminated.

7. Organ Agents – The demand for transplantable organs is exploding and people who can track down and deliver healthy organs will be in hot demand.

6. Technology Detox Therapist – Addiction to internet and technoogy it’s starting to show its results and we need someone capable to help us separate from technology. Tech rehab!

5. Space Tourist Guides – Just like we catch a plane we will catch rockets to make tourism trips to space.

4. Breathing therapist – We already have those but with pollution increasing its levels we will need someone to teach us how to breathe properly!

3. Virtual Currency Speculator – We already have some virtual currencies and we’ll need some specialists to make them successful.

2. Crowdfunding Specialists – Someone to understand and know exactly how to obtain funding for online projects.

1.  Animal Migration Engineer – Someone to find out which species migrate, where they migrate to and make an “assisted migration” moving animals to new, similar or artificial natural habitats saving them from extinction.

Others: Avatar designers, 3D printing Engineers, augmented reality architects,

Please share your ideas with us!


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