Top 10 skills you get from studying and working abroad?

According to Time Magazine, a recent research is showing how international experiences can make us more “flexible, creative and complex thinkers”.

Impressive resumes international experience

You can’t just go running and write this magic words into your resume. But you can certainly look back at your past international experiences and write your skills or job description focusing on these skills. Well and if you haven’t had that experience, start looking for jobs internationally. We live in a global world and we should take advantage out of it. In a few years a person without international experience will have a hard time to succeed.

The same research shows that people with experience in other countries usually get more job offers than others, being placed faster and with better conditions. These people are forced to break their barriers and to have an open and adaptive attitude towards foreign cultures “becoming more able to make connections among disparate ideas”. This leads them to become “better problem solvers and display more creativity”. Entrepreneurship is also directly connected to people with international experience.


1. Creative and Flexible Thinking

2. Problem Solving

3. Adaptability

4. Entrepreneurship

5. Resilience

6. Self-Confidence

7. Foreign Languages

8. Open-mindedness

9. Communication

10. Planning and Organizational


Make sure you have specific examples to illustrate these skills, either in your resume cover letter, or at an interview.


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