15 best and worst words to use in your resume

A study from CareerBuilders, interviewed over 2000 hiring managers to discover what the most powerful words to use in the resume and the worst ones are. This is the result and you should take notes on which one to use and which one not to use.

best words to use in the resume

  • Most of these words are action verbs and they are directly connected to an accomplishment. That should be the focus on your resume.
  • These are key elements to make you look as a productive professional.
  • Go through your current verbs and try to replace them with these.
  • Don’t just replace them, the resume is a whole document and should be cohesive.

worst words

  • Most of these words are cliché and  say nothing about you. Others are just skills every employee must have so there is no need to state the obvious.
  • Everyone must be a team player and results driven! So you are not setting apart from others!
  • Find real skills that make you different and unique.